Advanced Basketball Skills and Drills: Vol. #2-Basketball Scoring

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Don Meyer, Jerry Krause
78 minutes

Featuring Don Meyer, one of the winningest coaches in the nation, and Jerry Krause, widely respected as one of the best teachers in the game and THE expert on basketball basics, Advanced Basketball Skills and Drills: Vol. #2-Basketball Scoring explains and demonstrates the principles, fundamentals, and techniques involved in sound shooting. Designed specifically for coaches who are working with intermediate- and advanced-level players, the DVD presents an in-depth demonstration of how players can improve their ability to shoot lay-ups, set/jump shots, and free throws.

Among the topics covered:

  • Basic principles of shooting a lay-up
  • Lay-up drills
  • Balance, elbow, eyes, follow-through (B.E.E.F.)
  • Range, open, balance, one-count shot, team shot (R.O.B.O.T.)
  • Field-goal progression
  • Groove your shot
  • Post-player shooting
  • Free throws