Agility and Conditioning Drills for Football

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Steve Bliss
26 minutes

Agility and Conditioning Drills for Football is designed to serve as an invaluable resource for football coaches who want to enhance the ability of their athletes to move and change the direction and position of their body quickly and effectively, while under control. The DVD includes dozens of drills and exercises for developing agility and improving overall conditioning. Each drill is explained and demonstrated in an easy-to-understand manner. The DVD also features a number of basic football-specific drills, as well as several football position-specific exercises.

Among the topics covered:

• Jump rope routine
• Agility ladder drills
• Medicine ball runs
• Sprint/shuffle/sprint
• Metabolics
• Change of direction drill
• Lateral movement drill
• Mirror drills
• Command drills
• Football drills
• Defensive line drills
• Defensive back drills
• Offensive back drills
• Offensive line drills