Animated Youth Football Running Plays vs. 4-3 Defense

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Chris Booth, Michael Ringen
53 minutes

Animated Youth Football Running Plays vs. 4-3 Defense is one of a nine-volume series of instructional DVDs designed for youth football coaches. Each volume provides a teaching tool that bridges the gap between the classroom and action on the gridiron. In compelling detail, the series of DVDs offers animated versions of the 202 youth football plays that were included in Chris Booth's two well-received books, 101 Youth Football Plays and Another 101 Youth Football Plays. Using Animated Playbook software (available from SA Sports Animation), each DVD details a variety of plays in which the assignments of all eleven offensive players against a specific defensive scheme are illustrated and explained.

Among the topics covered:

• Pulling plays
• Wham plays
• Sweeps
• Dives
• Reverses, options and draws

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