Attacking Cover 3 With the Multiple Pro Passing Game

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Dan Robinson
98 minutes
Attacking Cover 3 with the Multiple Pro Passing Game presents a detailed overview of 12 basic concepts that can be used to effectively attack all forms of three-deep coverages. The concepts can be employed to attack 3-deep, rotating 3-deep, 3-sky, and 3-cloud coverages. The key factors that coaches who want to build their team's passing attack should focus on when scouting each coverage and breaking down the fundamental elements involved in each coverage are also addressed. Featuring two separate videos, the DVD is designed to provide coaches with a thorough understanding of each concept so that they can utilize this information regardless which offense they employ.

Among the topics covered:
  • Recognizing cover 3 deep zone
  • Recognizing 3 cloud
  • Concepts to attack cover 3
  • 4 verticals
  • Curl-flat combinations
  • Drags and shallows