Attacking the 3-5 Stack

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Jeff Scurran
48 minutes

Attacking the 3-5 Stack reviews the steps an offense can take to neutralize and ultimately exploit the 3-5 stack defense, which is known for its aggressive blitzing and confusing alignments. In order to help mentally prepare an offense for the chaos, the DVD details how to prevent the panic and missed blocking assignments that are often caused by the 3-5 stack's relentless pressure. The DVD also explains that by understanding how the 3-5 operates and by countering with a composed, balanced game plan, an offense can control the ball and turn the tables on this popular attacking style of defense.

Among the topics covered:

• Theory of the 3-5
• Area blocking is required
• Patience
• Survive the storm
• Wedge the B gap
• Change protection schemes
• Traps can be gold
• Screens work well vs. unaccounted player
• Wall off the perimeter to get to the outside
• Expecting the safety to blitz