Basketball`s Multiple Match-Up Defense: Understanding the Basics

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John Kimble
47 minutes

Basketball`s Multiple Match-Up Defense: Understanding the Basics provides an in-depth overview of how a defensive team can have multiple looks that appear to be complicated to the opposition`s offense, while only having cosmetic differences which utilize the same philosophies, concepts, and techniques-thus making the scheme simplified only for the defensive team. The DVD details how to build the entire defensive system so that a coaching staff can build the system as it desires. The DVD also covers the proper slides for every type of pass an offense can make, as well as the proper placement of defensive personnel in order to maximize the effectiveness of the defense.

Among the topics covered:

  • Why choose the match-up zone defense?
  • Defensive tips
  • Alignments
  • Stances
  • Positioning and location
  • Points of emphasis
  • Calls made by helpside defenders
  • Slides
  • Box-out techniques
  • Box-out responsibilities