Basketball`s Multiple Match-Up Defense: Positioning and Boxing Out

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John Kimble
97 minutes

Basketball`s Multiple Match-Up Defense: Positioning and Boxing Out explains how coaches can make this multiple defensive package appear to be complex to every offensive opponent, while maintaining the same fundamentals and techniques, all-the-while creating a defensive scheme that is easy to learn and execute. Having players in the proper stances and locations is a significant element to any type of defensive system, whether man-to-man, pressure trapping defenses, general zone defenses, or the match-up zone. The acronym "T-I-P-S" is a keystone to teaching and learning this exclusive defensive system. "T" (similar Techniques), "I" (larger amounts of Intensity), "P" (proper and consistent Positioning), and "S" (similar Stances) are the necessary components to make this system unique and aggressive-a system that integrates multiple looks and stunts to highlight defensive advantages and attack offensive weaknesses. The DVD reviews how teams can make boxing out a strength of a multiple match-up defense, even though defensive box outs are often perceived as a general weakness of zone defenses. The proper techniques of defensive box outs, as well as the drills to emphasize these techniques, are demonstrated and discussed.

Among the topics covered:

  • Defensive philosophy
  • Personnel placement: four defenses
  • Review: four defenses
  • Ball defenders` stances
  • Off-ball defenders` stances
  • Positioning and locations of defenders
  • Points of