Better Tight End Fundamentals

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John Strollo
90 minutes
Better Tight End Fundamentals offers an invaluable instructional resource that
relates and applies some of the basic principles of physics, including postion, forces
, and motion, to the skills and techniques attendant to sound tight end play featuring
both a presentation-style lecture and an on-the-field demonstration, the video
explains and demonstrates the application of the concepts of leverage, transition,
and pace, when the tight end is trying to block and move defensive players. The
video also reviews the nuts and bolts of playing with the hands, keeping the body
condensed, and maintaining stability. With a variety of football coaching tips, the
video explains how a tight end can get control of and move defenders in both run
and pass blocking situations.
Among the topics covered:
• Fundamentals
• Principles of biped force
• Concepts
• Stability skills
• Three forces
• Focus force
• Impetus
• Cut-ups
• Outdoor demonstation