Building a Team and Program

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Lee Wiginton
51 minutes
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In Building a Team and Program, Lee Wiginton of Midlothian Heritage (TX) discusses how to build a football program and how to develop your coaching style/skills. Coach Wiginton outlines the responsibilities required for new coaches, how to continue to grow and develop for existing coaches, and how to support your coaching staff in their development. Additionally, Coach Wiginton provides team building exercises that can be used for your staff, or your entire football program. Finally, Coach Wiginton shares the philosophy and techniques behind the “Heritage Offense” and provides film cut-ups to illustrate his thoughts.

Topics covered include:

• New Coaches: What to Know and Expect
• Learning on the Job
• Team Building Exercises
• Staff Development
• Practice Structure/Organization
• The “Three Pillars” of Coaching
• Offensive Schemes and Philosophy
• Film Cut-Ups