Building a Great Team

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Rick McGuire
80 minutes

Building a Great Team explains that a difference exists between a group and a team. In that regard, the DVD also details several of the basic fundamentals involved in transforming a group into a team. Furthermore, the DVD identifies the key building blocks for creating a team and outlines how to put them together to achieve the desired result. The DVD also points out the four stages of the group-to-team evolutionary process, as well as discusses the underlying conditions that are essential for attaining a maximum team experience. In addition, the DVD addresses a number of the more common questions that coaches might encounter during the teambuilding process.

Among the topics covered:

  • Our greatest asset
  • From group to TEAM
  • Forming stage
  • Storming stage
  • Norming and performing stages
  • A dynamic process
  • Critical conditions for achieving fulfilling team experiences: twelve key questions
  • Key questions #1 to #6
  • Key questions #7 to #12