Building an Aggressive Transition Attack

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Pat Summitt
54 minutes

Building an Aggressive Transition Attack presents Coach Pat Summitt's system for putting continuous pressure on a defense in the open court. Beginning with her primary break and flowing into the secondary break, Summitt's on-the-court instruction includes special screens to open up perimeter shots, as well as special plays to open up back-door opportunities and solid low-post scoring angles. These primary and secondary breaks can be customized to fit player strengths and can be initiated off made or missed shots.

Among the topics covered:

  • 1 on 1
  • 2 on 1
  • 3 on 2
  • Attacking the middle of the floor
  • 4 on 3
  • 3 on 3
  • 5 on 0
  • 5 on 5
  • Change drill
  • Kansas
  • Phoenix

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