Checkers 1-Word Calls and Answer Sheets in the Bolt Offensive System

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Joe Osovet
20 minutes
Checkers, 1-Word Calls, and Answer Sheets in the Bolt Offensive System reviews
the overall rationale, as well as several plays, associated with one- and two-word
calls that quarterbacks can make at the line of scrimmage. The football video also
describes checkers, which are two single-word play calls that are signaled from
the sideline to the quarterback. The underlying premise in the use of checkers is to
permit the offense to maintain leverage and numbers at the point of attack, and to
always be in the correct play against a given defense. Checkers allow the quarterback
a choice of the play call at the line of scrimmage, based upon reads of A (linemen)
and/or B (linebacker) level defenders, as well as odd or even fronts, high or low
defensive techniques, and linebacker positioning. The video also discusses oneword
calls, which are a handful of plays are that chosen, based upon the ability of
the offense to execute them at a consistently high level. These plays further enable
the offense to operate at a tempo that is even faster than usual in this no-huddle
scheme, thus preventing defensive personnel changes. In addition, the video
explains why coaches should have an answer sheet, which is a product of gameweek
planning that maps potential football plays against all likely defensive
schemes that might be employed by the opposing team.
Among the topics covered:
• Checkers
• Ozzy/panther
• Dart/Daytona
• Zeus/bounce
• Ram/rhino

• 1-word calls
• 1-word