Clock Management from the 4-Wide Gun

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Rick Jones
53 minutes
Clock Management from the 4-Wide Gun reviews how coaches can control and use the clock to their team's advantage, while running the 4-wide spread offense. In addition, the use of a time chart to manage games, both when a team is leading and trailing, is covered. The DVD also details adjustments that can be made in late-game, short-yardage, and goal-line situations and how teams can adapt a short-yardage attack out of the 4-wide offense without changing personnel.

Among the topics covered:
  • Six basic points of game management
  • How to limit turnovers in a four-wide
  • Spread offense
  • How to manage third-down situations
  • How to teach three basic paces of an offensive attack
  • How to use a clock-management chart to help a team with close games