The Complete Handbook of Clock Management - 2021 Edition

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Homer Smith with Steve Axman
174 pages
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Have you ever tried squeezing in a next-to-the-last play, before a field goal kick, and had time expire before you could kick? Or have you tried kicking and missed, from too far away, when you had time to get closer?

Squeezing in a next-to-the-last play, while protecting time for a last play, is one of a football coach's most difficult tasks and the one with the most potential for criticism. You need a system for approaching a moving clock, multiple variables, necessary barriers, ever-changing relativities, and demanding decisions. You need a system with structures, reference points, procedures, and warnings. You need a system for thinking ahead. The Complete Handbook of Clock Management describes such a system in detail.

Topics covered include:

  • Introducing the challenge
  • Figuring time
  • Playing fast
  • Assembling weapons
  • Using the intentional incomplete pass, the spike
  • Using time-outs
  • Distinguishing between procedures and decisions
  • Clarifying objectives
  • Squeezing in next-to-the-last plays
  • Using up excess time before scoring
  • Letting your opponent score a TD
  • Using clock offense in a wind
  • Deciding on kicking a FG or going for a TD
  • Deciding on punting or going for a first down
  • Deciding on an extra point in the final seconds
  • Trying for two points
  • Taking a safety
  • Keeping the clock moving
  • Preparing the quarterback
  • Practicing
  • Playing clock defense
  • Sustaining progress