Coaching Football's Modern-T Offense

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Leo Hand
272 pages

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The Modern-T is a total offense that incorporates the finest running plays ever devised by man without compromising the pass. In a nutshell, the Modern-T simplifies offensive play and complicates defensive play. Coaching Football's Modern-T Offense includes a total game plan that attacks any defensive front or secondary coverage, multiple formations that force a defense to play the game according to your rules, a comprehensive system of blocking rules, ten ways to increase the efficiency of your run offense, all techniques and assignments necessary to install four sequential run packages, more than 50 running plays diagrammed versus nine different defensive fronts, 15 different ways to enhance the efficiency of your pass offense, a variety of pass protection schemes and strategies, all techniques and assignments necessary to install a three-, five-, and seven-step passing game, seventy different pass patterns, and a complete package of screens, draws, play- action, and shovel passes.