Coaching Football`s Zone Offense: Vol. #2-Outside-Zone Stretch Schemes

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Stan Zweifel
60 minutes
Coaching Football's Zone Offense: Vol. #2-Outside-Zone Stretch Schemes presents a comprehensive overview of the philosophy, techniques, and fundamentals involved in developing and implementing an outside running game in a zone offense. In an easy-to-apply manner, the DVD explains and demonstrates several of the key plays for establishing an outside running game.

Among the topics covered:
  • 28-29 stretch tight end side overview
  • TE side vs. Okie front
  • TE side vs. reduced front
  • TE side vs. strong eagle
  • TE side vs. 4-3 front
  • 28-29 stretch split end side overview
  • SE side vs. Okie front
  • SE side vs. reduced front
  • SE side vs. 4-3 front