Coaching the Hurdles–A Practical Approach

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Will Carr
86 minutes
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In Coaching the Hurdles–A Practical Approach, Will Carr, hurdling coach from the Sheldon High School (CA), details his approach to coaching hurdlers, from the basics of hurdling to specific techniques to improve hurdlers of all levels. Coach Carr discusses the physical traits needed for hurdling and how to develop those traits in your athletes. Additionally, Coach Carr provides a number of drills to implement in your practices and training regimens. Finally, Coach Carr hosts a question and answer session, providing additional in-depth explanations for his teaching methods.

Topics covered include:

• Hurdling Basics
• Mechanics and Form
• Developing the Hurdler
• Physical Attributes Needed for Hurdling
• The Mental Side of Hurdling
• Hurdling Specific Weight Training
• Mobility and Plyometric Drills
• Question and Answer Session