Coaching the Inside Veer From the Pistol

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James Vint
45 minutes
Coaching the Inside Veer From the Pistol explains how the inside veer scheme provides offenses with three plays (inside veer, shovel option, spread option), each of which is designed to take advantages of different things the defense does. Focusing on the inside veer, the DVD reviews the key factors involved in running this aggressive downhill play, one in which any one of the three ballcarriers can carry the ball. Among the aspects covered in the DVD are simple rules for the reads, footwork for the quarterback, teaching the two basics skills essential in the veer (mesh and pitch), and blocking rules for the veer. The DVD also looks at how to run the inside veer again odd, under, and over fronts.

Among the topics covered:
  • How we got here
  • Why the pistol?
  • Formation concepts
  • The system
  • Overview of the inside veer
  • Teaching the mesh
  • Teaching the pitch
  • Inside veer against odd, under, and over fronts
  • Inside veer double-load concept