Coaching the Veer Offense (Second Edition)

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George Thole, Jerry Foley
197 pages

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The major purpose of writing Coaching the Veer Offense is to produce an exceptional book on option football, while serving as a template and guide for coaches and players at all levels. The book also details the mindset and philosophy that made the veer offense successful. The book provides a wealth of information for educators, laymen, spectators, and parents alike. Offering a mix of terminology specific to the complexities of the game and combined with language familiar to the layman, the book presents a concise, but understandable, account of a highly successful football program that has totally dominated the high school gridiron programs in the state of Minnesota over a span of three decades.

Chapters include:

  • Coaching 101
  • A Typical Week
  • Training the Veer Quarterback
  • The Running Attack
  • The Passing Attack
  • Blocking With the Offensive Line
  • The Kicking Game