Coaching the Single Wing Offense (Second Edition)

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Many advantages exist when running the single wing. Some of them are unfamiliarity, simplicity, adaptability, deception, power, passing, quick kicking, and unusual formations. Following is a summary of these advantages. One of the biggest advantages is unfamiliarity. Opponents most likely won t see the offense more than once a year. Preparing for it and trying to simulate it in practice is very difficult because the offense is so different from what they normally see. A week isn t much time to get ready for it without neglecting other parts of their game. When we went to the single wing in the 1990s, we were one of the few schools that were running an offense from the shotgun. What was considered old-fashioned then has become the norm today. Although this offense isn t as unfamiliar to teams today as it was in the 1990s, it is still unique in many ways. The ability to be in spread one play and a double tight formation the next, without having to change blocking assignments or backfield action, is a huge advantage. Simplicity is another big advantage of the single wing offense. At any level of football, the team that makes the fewest mistakes is usually the winner. One of the biggest advantages of the single wing offense is that it doesn t ask an average player to do something he can t do. The blocking schemes are very simple, and, for most plays, a double-team at the point of attack is involved. The offense also doesn t put so much pressure on one back to carry the load, as all of the backs are involved in the single wing. At every level of football, especially the high school or lower levels, the coach should select an offense that is suitable to his current personnel. This adaptability is a major strength of the single wing offense. To make the offense work doesn t require highly skilled players. The line doesn t have to be big and powerful, and the backs don t have to have exceptional speed to make the offense work. Obviously, the better the players the better the offense will work. The single wing offense is also very adaptable and allows the coach to highlight different positions from year to year, depending on personnel, without changing the offense. The Coaching the Single Wing Offense is perfect for the coach looking to install, create quick-hitters or prepare their defense.