Coaching the Five-Wide Empty Offense (Second Edition)

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Scott Spanton
105 pages
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Coaching the Five-Wide Empty Offense, by Scott Spanton, provides an overview of the key factors involved in the installation and execution of this unique offense, from the base formations and motions, to the running game, the passing game (quick, five-step, play-action, sprint-out), and screens. The book explains how coaches can employ this offense to create space and make the defense responsible for defending the entire field. The book also details how this offense can not only be very explosive, but also clock-controlling. Another advantage of this offensive system is that it can be employed in a variety of ways, based upon a coach s philosophy of offensive football. The five-wide empty offense has a number of positive features, including the fact that it is a style that defenses do not see week in and week out and it offers a winning style of football that players as well as spectators can enjoy and get excited about.

Updated, expanded upon and revisited, this new edition is the the definitive guide to the 5 wide empty. If you are thinking about implementing the entire offense or just aspects, this is the perfect book for you.

What's inside:

Chapter 1: Laying the Foundation
Chapter 2: Running Game
Chapter 3: Run Game Wrinkles
Chapter 4: Quick-Passing Game With Motion
Chapter 5: Five-Step Passing Game With Motion
Chapter 6: Goal Line Package
Chapter 7: Screens
Chapter 8: Offensive Drills

What coaches are saying:

I have worked with Scott Spanton and have witnessed his coaching ability for many seasons. He has had success because the smallest details are important to him. He is always working to find a better way to improve or complement a scheme.
Jeff Hamilton
Assistant Football Coach, Brandeis High School (TX)

Coach Spanton is one of the best coaches I have had the opportunity to learn from. He helped to build a foundation for my success as a quarterback, first as a three-year starter in high school, then as a top-ranked Division III passer. He teaches everything from fundamentals and technique to details and scheme. Above all, I have been able to take his teachings from early on and transfer them to my own high school coaching career for the last 10 years.
Sean Salinas
Co-Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks Coach, Holmes High School (TX)

I had the pleasure of hiring Scott as my offensive coordinator while at Poteet High School. I found him to be extremely knowledgeable of the spread offense. His detailed knowledge of coaching every position on the field was second to none.
Mario Heredia
Defensive Coordinator, Sweetwater (TX) High School

Having had Scott Spanton on our staff, I know firsthand the brilliant offensive mind that he has, especially when it comes to the five-wide offense. Not only does he have unique ideas for attacking defenses with the five-wide offense, but he is a master at breaking it down and teaching it to all age levels. This book will provide you insight into the five-wide system, and will inspire ideas of how you can implement it where you are at.
Travis Reeve
Athletic Director/Head Football Coach, Cuero (TX) High School