Coaching the Empty Backfield Offense (2nd Edition)

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Joe W. Gilliam, Sr.
147 pages

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Coaching the Empty Backfield Offense provides a detailed look at an innovative offensive scheme of attack that can be employed effectively against all types of defenses. Written by one of the true icons of the coaching profession, this book is must reading for coaches. The empty backfield is an offensive scheme that forces existing defensive schemes to deviate from their "norms" in a very significant way. Up until now, defenses have only seen brief series of empty backfield schemes. However, as the reader will come to discover, the empty backfield proposed in the book is a complete offensive scheme of attack.

This new edition covers all aspects of coaching this offense with detailed chapters, including :

  • The Philosophy of the Empty Backfield Offense
  • The Empty Backfield Offensive System
  • Offensive Line Run-Blocking Rules and Drills
  • Pass Protection
  • The Empty Backfield Running Game
  • Developing the Empty Backfield Running Game
  • The Empty Backfield Passing Game
  • Play-Action Passes, Draws, and Screens
  • Field Position and Down-and-Distance Strategy
  • Pre-Reading Defenses
  • Suggested Play Calling in the Empty Backfield Offense