Coaching Football's Wing-Bone Offense (2nd Edition)

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Johnny Mallatt
158 pages
No matter whether you are a first-year coach or a seasoned veteran, the material contained in Coaching Football's Wing-Bone Offense (2nd Edition), by Johnny Mallatt, provides ample guidelines concerning the installation of an offensive system that cannot only move the football, but more important, put the ball in the end zone. It also goes a step further by providing a complete practice organizational guide that could be used by any football coach, along with a complete section on the drills needed to complete the practice paradigm. The use of the educational psychology learning curve is covered in reference to the coaching of the game of football and how it relates to your players' ability to learn. A simple but comprehensive strength and conditioning program is included that any interested coach could implement. Another area covered in this book gives any aspiring coach an inside look at the development of a sound coaching philosophy. This book not only covers an effective offensive system, but also can be used as an all-around coaches' guide for the game of football.

What's inside:

Chapter 1: The Wing-Bone Foundation
Chapter 2: The Wing-Bone Option Attack
Chapter 3: The Wing-Bone Power Attack
Chapter 4: The Wing-Bone Counter Attack
Chapter 5: The Wing-Bone Passing Attack
Chapter 6: Attacking Defenses With the Wing-Bone
Chapter 7: Wing-Bone Game-Time Adjustments
Chapter 8: The Wing-Bone Practice Drills
Chapter 9: Wing-Bone Teaching Techniques
Chapter 10: The Wing-Bone Practice Organization
Chapter 11: The Wing-Bone Strength Training Program
Chapter 12: Wing-Bone Personnel Placemen

What coaches are saying:

Study his wins and losses for an idea of how well Coach Mallatt coaches. Far more importantly, spend some time with any of his former players and you will walk away with a full understanding of how first-class Coach Mallatt is. He is class and character and one of the brightest offensive minds I have had the privilege of working with in over 25 years of coaching college football. I highly recommend his book, Coaching Football’s Wing-Bone Offense, to any coach wanting to implement this style of play.
- Bart Tatum, Offensive Line Coach, Sam Houston State University

It has been my pleasure to call Johnny Mallatt my friend for several years. In his book, Coaching Football’s Wing-Bone Offense, Coach Mallatt gives you a guide to take you through the understanding, teaching, and implementation of an offense that has been developed through many years with success at the junior high and high school levels. The combination of the wing-T and option offenses will give a coach the resources needed to adapt his scheme from year to year based on the talent of his team. Coach Mallatt has had a very successful coaching career in terms of wins and losses. But more importantly, he has mentored and been a great role model for hundreds of young men over the course of his career. Enjoy reading Coaching Football’s Wing-Bone Offense and look forward to it being your blueprint for success.
- H.T. Kinney, Former Head Football, Coach Riverton (KS) High School

I have known Coach Johnny Mallatt for 40 years and no one enjoys football more than him. Perhaps more importantly, he enjoys working with youth of all skill levels. His description of practice schedules and drills in his book, Coaching Football’s Wing-Bone Offense, appeals to coaches and players alike. He shares ideas with fellow coaches and has been an inspiration to those who enjoy and appreciate Kansas football and the rest of the football world.
- Chuck Smith, Former Head Football Coach, St. Mary’s Colgan High School (KS)