Coaching the Wildcat Single Wing Offensive Package

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Corey Parker
65 minutes
Coaching the Wildcat Single Wing Offensive Package reviews the philosophy, strategy, and numerous advantages of the wildcat single wing offense, including the ability to dominate time of possession and the capacity to create constant uncertainty in the opponent's defensive players. Emphasizing power and weak off- tackle running schemes in both tight and spread offense formations, while providing the pass option, the DVD explains how to create quick, single reads for the quarterback, as well as points out that exceptional talent-including the skill-set of a traditional quarterback-is not needed to effectively execute the offense. In addition, the DVD outlines specific factors concerning how coaches can best apply the existing abilities of players and position them so that they can be successful. The DVD also offers tips for focusing practices, as well as training quarterbacks on those items that are keys to achieving the objectives of the wildcat.

Among the topics covered: 

• Why we run the wildcat single wing offense as our total package 
• The contrarian offense 
• To run the wildcat single wing 
• It's not hard to teach 
• Tight 
• Spread 
• Blocking 
• Ball control 
• Tight power strong 
• Misdirection plays - reads based plays - pass run option plays - trick plays 
• Practice our plan & plan our practice