Combination Routes and Sprint-Out Concepts From the Pistol

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James Vint
54 minutes
Combination Routes and Sprint-Out Concepts From the Pistol presents an overview of the key factors involved in installing a high-powered pass game from the pistol-one of the most versatile offensive systems in the game. Explaining how teams can increase their chances for achieving a big play from their offense, the DVD details basic route concepts that are applicable to the pistol, as well as guidelines for installing each of the route packages. The DVD is designed to be an in-depth instructional tool for coaches on both sides of the ball.

Among the topics covered:
  • Basic route concepts
  • Installing the curl/flat combo
  • Route combinations and coverage adjustments
  • Understanding the slice/seam concept
  • The under concept
  • The hi/lo concept
  • Smash scissors concept
  • Installation of the shallow series
  • The crossing series
  • Line of sight
  • Sprint-out series
  • Empty concept
  • Throwback to H
  • Film cut-ups