Midline Option Concepts From the Pistol

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James Vint
72 minutes
Midline Option Concepts From the Pistol explains how the midline from the pistol formation can not only add versatility to a team's offense attack, it also can present defenses with a number of challenges. The DVD details the key factors involved in successfully executing the midline option, including quarterback rules and reads, coaching points for the backs, and offensive line blocking rules. The DVD also reviews how to run play-action off the midline.

Among the topics covered:
  • How we got here
  • Why move to the pistol?
  • Formation concepts
  • The pistol system
  • Teaching the mesh
  • Making the read
  • Midline blocking rules
  • Midline to a 3 technique
  • Midline to a shade, 1, or 2i
  • Midline to an odd front
  • Midline complements
  • Midline play-action