Controversies in the Care of Pediatric Athletes

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Julie Gilchrist, Russell R. Pate, Andy Peterson
85 minutes
Controversies in the Care of Pediatric Athletes reviews the physical activity guidelines for children and adolescents as well as the new commercially available genetic tests for sports performance. The DVD also looks at the unique aspects of the recognition and management of concussions in youth. In addition, the DVD discusses ethical and moral concerns about early youth talent identification and sport specialization. Furthermore, the DVD details effective strategies and approaches to advocate for and counsel young athletes and their parents concerning the potential benefits/risks/harms of physical activity in organized sports versus free play, early sport specialization, genetic testing for sports performance, and sport-related concussion.
Among the topics covered:
• Epidemiology of Concussion in Sports and the CDC Heads-Up Initiative (Julie Gilchrist)
• Meeting Physical Activity Guidelines for Children: The Role of Organized Sport vs. Free Play (Russel R. Pate)
• Genetic Testing for Sports Performance (Andy Peterson)