Covering All The Bases-Pro Pitching Drills

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Darren Gurney
27 minutes

Covering All The Bases-Pro Pitching Drills features more than a dozen, highly effective drills for improving pitcher velocity, control, and overall throwing mechanics. Coach Darren Gurney and professional pitcher Tom Koehler (Miami Marlins) explain and demonstrate this series of innovative drills that are designed to foster proper arm action, a powerful hip drive, a consistent delivery, and the maintenance of a healthy pitching arm. The DVD provides a proven resource that players of all ages, skill levels, and competitive interests can use on and off the field to help them learn how to pitch like a pro.

Among the topics covered:

  • Throwing-on-a-knee drill
  • Medicine ball
  • Towel drill 
  • Game-of-21 drill
  • Spot drill
  • Long-toss drill
  • Mirror drill
  • Blindfold drill
  • Extension drill
  • Pick-ups drill
  • Ball-up drill
  • Now drill
  • Balance-beam drill
  • Therapeutic-band drill

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