Covering All The Bases-Pro Baseball Diamond Transition

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Darren Gurney
53 minutes
Covering All The Bases—Pro Baseball Diamond Transition explains in careful detail the various skills and strategies that players and coaches must become proficient with as they transition from the Little League-sized-field (60-foot bases) to the modified/high school-sized baseball field (90-foot bases). Coach Darren Gurney and Matt Duran (New York Yankees organization) discuss a variety of practice techniques that are designed to help players adjust to playing on the larger diamond. The DVD contains one-of-a- kind footage that will enable players and coaches to learn specific pitching, catching, baserunning, and fielding fundamentals for the transition to playing on a high school, NCAA, or MLB-sized field “like a pro.”

Among the topics covered: 

• Pitcher’s mound 
• Pro player perspective—pitcher’s mound 
• Catching/home plate area 
• Pro player perspective—catching 
• First base 
• Pro player perspective—first base 
• Second base 
• Pro player perspective—second base 
• Third base 
• Pro player perspective—third base 
• Miscellaneous topics

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