Defending the Pistol: What Would Geronimo Do?

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Leo Hand
62 minutes
Defending the Pistol: What Would Geronimo Do? reviews seven strategies that enabled Geronimo and a handful of Apache warriors to successfully battle and baffle the combined military forces of the United States and Mexico for more than 25 years. In that regard, the DVD explains how an unorthodox style of figuring (Geronimo's chosen approach) can also be used to combat the potent pistol offenses that are currently popular in the game. As such, the DVD presents a comprehensive overview of a somewhat unorthodox defensive scheme-the double-eagle double flex. Among the key aspects of this scheme that are covered in the DVD are the defense's base responsibilities, multiple fronts, multiple coverages, and an explosive stunt package. As an added bonus, the DVD also offers a time-saving method of breaking down film and preparing a scouting report.

Among the topics covered: 

• Who was Geronimo? 
• Preparing a scouting report 
• Double eagle double flex defense 
• Basic twists of front five 
• Linebacker blitzes/multiple fronts