Defensive Rebounding Into the Fast Break

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Art Wilmore
2009 (Released: 2010)
44 minutes
Defensive Rebounding Into the Fast Break presents a comprehensive overview of the fundamentals and techniques involved in executing the transition game off a defensive rebound. In an easy-to-understand and -apply manner, the DVD explains and demonstrates how coaches can enhance this essential aspect of their teams' play off of a number of situation-specific scenarios. Featuring on-the-court demonstration, each set of circumstances in covered in detail. (Publisher`s note: Published in 2009, Released in 2010)

Among the topics covered:

• Circle drill
• Shoot the arm through
• Outlet drill
• Fast-break drill
• Continuous 4-on-2 drill
• Continuous 4-on-3 drill
• 5-on-0
• 5-on-5 breakout