Developing a Dynamic Warm-Up Program for Speed-Power Athletes

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Mike Young
27 minutes
Developing a Dynamic Warm-Up Program for Speed-Power Athletes offers a comprehensive overview of the means and methods of designing and incorporating an effective dynamic warm-up for speed-power athletes. The DVD provides detailed examples and descriptions of the various components of an effective warm-up and provides practical advice on how to best integrate them into a sound training program. The DVD is appropriate for any coach or athlete interested in performing maximally effective warm-up protocols.

Among the topics covered:
  • Limitations of ‘old school' warm-ups
  • Benefits of dynamic warm-up protocols on performance
  • The importance of task-specific warm-up protocols
  • Guidelines for developing warm-up protocols
  • Different types of warm-up protocols
  • The role of stretching in a warm-up protocol
  • Static and dynamic flexibility examples
  • Hurdle-mobility and sprint-drill examples
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