Biomotor Development for Speed-Power Athletes

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Mike Young
38 minutes
Biomotor Development for Speed-Power Athletes presents a detailed overview of the five biomotor abilities (strength, speed, flexibility, coordination, and endurance) and describes how to best train to develop these attributes to maximize the performance of a speed-power athlete. The DVD is appropriate for coaches and athletes of all competitive levels and for a variety of sports (football, track & field, basketball, etc.). The DVD explains and demonstrates how coaches can select the appropriate training methods to best develop sport-specific speed and power for their athletes.

Among the topics covered:

  • Defining the biomotor abilities
  • Integrating balanced biomotor training
  • Compatible and complementary training involves enhancing the training stimulus
  • Speed development for speed-power athletes
  • Strength training for speed-power athletes
  • Flexibility training for speed-power athletes
  • Coordination training for speed-power athletes
  • Endurance training for speed-power athletes
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