Developing Explosive Athletes

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Adam Szabo
30 minutes
Developing Explosive Athletes details how to design and implement an effective plyometric program that can be applied to all sports and all levels of athletic ability. The DVD also offers a series of proven plyometric drills that begin with basic skills and then progress to more complicated movements. These drills feature exercises that are designed to enhance a number of physical attributes, including quick feet, the ability to jump explosively, the ability to change directions, upper-body explosiveness, reaction time, and the ability to transition from one skill to another.

Among the topics covered:
  • Plyometric components and reaction training
  • Goals
  • Scheduling and organization
  • Rest and recovery
  • Winter plyometrics
  • Transition drills
  • Jumping drills
  • Upper-body drills
  • Hopping/agility combination drills
  • Hopping drills
  • Hopping-up-stairs drills