Developing Football Speed

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Adam Szabo
37 minutes

Developing Football Speed provides an overview of the key factors involved in designing and implementing a speed development program for football players. The DVD outlines the basic goals that every program for developing football speed should address, as well as points out the fundamental things that athletes can do to get faster. The DVD also explores football speed in terms of stance, starts, and acceleration patterns. In addition, the DVD looks at basic running form. The DVD also explains what can be done to increase football speed in a variety of situations including after being knocked to the ground, making a speed transition while running, moving laterally and linearly, etc.

Among the topics covered:

  • Goals
  • How do I get faster?
  • Scheduling and organization
  • Stance, start, and acceleration patterns
  • Running form
  • One-legged track and football stances
  • Accelerating after being knocked to the ground
  • Transitions while running
  • Running curves, diagonal, and linear
  • Transitions while hopping or jumping