Speed Development Drills

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Lloyd Richardson
23 minutes

Speed Development Drills features a compilation of proven drills for developing speed in sprinters. Isolating different body parts on a top-to-bottom basis, the drills provide targeted tools that coaches can incorporate into the warm-up and cool-down routine of their sprinters. Each drill is explained and demonstrated in an easy-to-understand and –apply manner.

Among the topics covered:

• Drill philosophy
• Upper-body drills
• Fast-arm drill variation
• Standing-high-knee drill
• Walking-high-knee drill
• Fall-off-drill
• Pawing drill
• Stationary-running-high-knee drill
• Toe-up drill
• Quick-feet drill
• Power-skip drill
• High-knee drill
• Bounding drill
• Backward-run drill
• The running man drill
• Speed-split-jump drill
• Single-leg-bound drill
• Foot-over-hurdle drill
• Double-leg-hop drill
• Putting it all together