Developing Speed for Softball Pitchers

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Dee Dee Weiman
37 minutes

Developing Speed for Softball Pitchers explains what softball coaches can do to enhance the speed of the pitches thrown by their pitchers. In step-by-step detail, the DVD reviews the technical aspects of increasing speed in pitchers. The DVD also explains why adhering to proper mechanics-particularly the wrist snap-is the fundamental key to getting speed on the ball. In addition, the DVD features a series of game-tested drills designed to increase speed in pitchers.

Among the topics covered:

  • Pre-pitch motion
  • Wrist snap
  • Walk-through drill
  • Sideways-drive drill
  • Long-distance drill
  • Knee-up drill
  • Pops drill
  • Walk-through from distance
  • Arm-speed drills
  • Cross training