Developing a Philosophy for Coaching Quarterbacks

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Sam Brown
51 minutes
Developing a Philosophy for Coaching Quarterbacks provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamental factors that coaches who want to develop their quarterbacks effectively and efficiently should consider. Based on the information, ideas, and insights gained from coaching quarterbacks for more than four decades, the DVD explains why the eyes are the key for quarterbacks. The DVD also details the basic goals that every coach should have for their quarterbacks, including to win, to manage every game and practice, and to be a student of the game. In addition, the DVD features a checklist for quarterbacks that outlines the five key things that every quarterback has to do with regard to the progression of the game. 
Among the topics covered:

• Manage every game and practice 

• Be a student of the game 
• Quarterback checklist 
• Concepts 
• Catch and throw 
• Movement key 
• QB full-field read 
• Tempos