Developing a Practice Plan for Quarterbacks

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Sam Brown
60 minutes
Developing a Practice Plan for Quarterbacks provides a detailed overview of what quarterback coaches should do on a daily basis to enhance the play of their quarterbacks. The DVD is designed as a step-by-step resource for quarterback coaches who want to get the most from their available practice time. The DVD also details the key factors involved in a 30-minute season that is conducted with all quarterbacks before actual practice commences. Next, the DVD reviews the points of emphasis for quarterbacks that are covered in every practice. The DVD concludes by explaining the possible benefits of using a football field dimensions chart when working with quarterbacks and receivers. 
Among the topics covered:
• Pre-practice 
• Warm-up 
• PASS concepts 
• Coverages 
• Cover 6 
• Cover 5 
• Football field dimensions chart

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