Developing a Shutdown Defense

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Larry Slade and Joe Metzka
282 pages
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Larry Slade offers a wealth of coaching knowledge, earned from a lifetime in football.

A Division I NCAA coach since the early 1980s, Larry Slade has mentored elite athletes as a defensive backs coach. As a defensive coordinator, he has led numerous of the finest defenses in college football. Many of his players have gone on to careers in the NFL and to living righteous, meaningful lives beyond the game of football.

In this book, Coach Slade reveals for the first time his extensive insights regarding defensive football. He offers detailed background into how and why his systems have adapted, based on the various offensive schemes he's faced over the years as the game has evolved. Coach Slade offers practical ideas and unique terminology for distilling complex ideas into simple terms, in order to shut down the various spread, run/pass option, and maximum tempo maneuvers employed by modern offenses.

He also shares insightful stories about how to motivate elite athletes from the perspective of a "character coach," and how to amplify a player's unique skills, within the context of team defense.