How to Develop a Defensive Lineman

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Karl Dunbar
48 minutes

How to Develop a Defensive Lineman provides a resource for coaches who want to develop the skills and technique of their defensive linemen. The DVD emphasizes the importance of holding defensive linemen accountable for their play on the field and points out the fact that coaches should have (and employ) a developmental drill for every skill a defensive lineman is expected to have. The DVD also discusses the need for defensive linemen to be able to get off a block. In that regard, the DVD details several types of basic blocks that defensive linemen will face. In addition, the DVD details why and how defensive linemen should be taught to have a violent attitude.

Among the topics covered:

• Dealing with players
• Finding players
• Drills for skills
• Types of blocks
• Paul Revere
• Teaching violence
• Accountability
• Pass rush
• Knowing the offense

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