Developing an Effective Two-Minute Offense

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Herb Meyer
48 minutes
Developing an Effective Two-Minute Offense reviews the key factors involved in designing and implementing a successful two-minute offense. Appropriate for coaches and teams at all competitive levels, the DVD is designed to be an invaluable resource for coaches who want to address this often underemphasized phase of the game. The DVD also details the basic considerations for effectively managing the clock.

 Among the topics covered:
  • Offensive philosophy
  • The football calendar year
  • Game tempo
  • Hurry-up bingo offense
  • Managing the clock
  • Communication in the hurry-up offense
  • Calculating yardage requirements
  • Bingo passing game
  • Film study
  • Develop a Mentality for winning
  • Running out the clock
  • Changes in momentum
  • Game film cut-ups