Developing Offensive Linemen in the Off-Season

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George DeLeone
47 minutes

Developing Offensive Linemen in the Off-Season provides a comprehensive overview of a proven system that coaches can employ to improve their offensive linemen in the off-season. The DVD features a plan for developing not only the physical attributes of the offensive linemen, but their technique and mental edge as well. The DVD also includes a number of game-tested drills for enhancing key elements of sound offensive line play.

Among the topics covered:

  • Resistance exercises
  • Medicine-ball punch drill
  • Footwork drills
  • Hand-speed drills
  • Developing explosive power in the hips
  • Power cleans, squats, and lunges
  • Foot-quickness drills
  • Bends
  • Developing toughness
  • The mental phase
  • Understanding defenses
  • Workbook assignments for the offensive linemen

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