Drills and Techniques for Developing Offensive Linemen

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Paul Horne
91 minutes
Drills and Techniques for Developing Offensive Linemen offers an invaluable resource for coaches who want an in-depth overview of how to develop offensive linemen from the ground up. Featuring a step-by-step teaching progression, the DVD covers every basic aspect involved in sound offensive line play. The DVD also includes a series of game-tested drills that coaches can use to enhance the skills and techniques of their offensive linemen.

Among the topics covered:
  • Stance
  • Starts
  • Center stance/starts
  • Star drill
  • L drill
  • Six-point progression
  • Fit progression
  • Drive-block progression
  • Down-block progression
  • Sled progression
  • Backside cutoff on down linemen
  • Backside cutoff on linebackers
  • Combo-block progression
  • Three-step pass protection
  • Five-step pass protection
  • Tap test
  • Mirror-dodge progression
  • Punch-the-line drill
  • Combatives vs. pull move
  • Combatives vs. rip move
  • Combatives vs. swim move
  • Pass pro vs. twist stunts
  • Squeeze technique
  • Slide protection