Developing the Three Levels of Catcher

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Randy Rutschman
49 minutes
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Randy Rutschman who has coached for Linfield College, the Corvallis Knights, and George Fox University for 35+ years, teams up with his son, Adley Rutschman, player of the year in the Pac 12 for Oregon State, as well as the 2019 #1 overall pick by the Baltimore Orioles, to discuss the skills necessary to develop catchers for all levels of play. Additionally, through a Q & A session with Adley, with commentary from his father, they identify the traits necessary to be a catcher and develop catchers from high school to the professional ranks. Presented at the 2019 Northwest Baseball Clinic, the Rutschmans cover a variety of topics, including:


• Parent’s rolls in player development
• Coaching a player as their parent
• Pitcher/Catcher interactions
• Catcher’s role in pitcher development
• Identifying potential
• Parent/Coach boundaries
• Skill development
• Practice drills
• The “three levels of catchers”