Developing the Young Triple Jumper

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Lloyd Richardson
39 minutes

Developing the Young Triple Jumper offers a resource for coaches who want to identify and train their young triple jumpers. The DVD outlines the basic attributes that can be used to help select which young athletes might make good triple jumpers, as well as details and demonstrates the key factors and techniques involved in each of the three key phases of the triple jump-hop, step, and jump. The DVD also reviews the two types of starts for the triple jump (standing and rolling) and discusses the best technique for executing the approach, including setting marks and checkmarks.

Among the topics covered:

• Identify your triple jumpers
• Setting the mark
• The standing & moving starts
• The step phase
• The jump phase
• Full speed demonstration
• Developing the approach
• Develop checkmarks
• The hop phase
• Iron statue demonstration
•Putting it all together