Drop Back Concepts for Wide Receivers

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Taylor Chapatte
49 minutes
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Presented at the 2020 AFCA Conference, University of San Diego Wide Receivers Coach Taylor Chapatte, currently the USD Pass Game Coordinator and Quarterbacks coach, discusses wide receiver play, emphasizing strong route running and how to beat various types of coverages. In Drop Back Concepts for Wide Receivers, Coach Chapatte reviews his methods for creating passing concepts, as well as the fundamentals and drills required to implement them into your offensive game plan. Coach Chapatte shares the multiple different routes he runs against different defensive schemes, incorporating them into your playbook, and how to use them to beat your defender.

Topics covered include:

• Building WR Concepts into Your Playbook
• Beating Man Coverage
• Fundamentals of Route Running
• Fade Routes
• Option Routes
• Routes Vs. Press Coverage
• Schemes Vs. Zone Coverages
• 3, 5, and 7-step Dropback Plays
• Mesh Routes