Enhancing the Spread Power Run Game with 2nd & 3rd Level RPO's, PRO's & PAPs

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Shaun McDowell
58 Minutes
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Shaun McDowell, head football coach at Foster High School (TX), gives expert insight on the marriage between spread and power with special emphasis on one back power with the counter. Coach McDowell describes how he utilizes RPO’s and PRO’s to offset the wide-open spread and the power run game. Extensive breakdown of both diagrams and film are used to examine detailed plays as well as their overarching philosophy. This video is great for teams looking to add wrinkles to their offense or teams who use the short perimeter pass game in place of the run.

Among the topics covered:

  • Power (H Back Hand Down)
  • Power (H Back in Up Position)
  • Counter GH
  • Creating PRO’s (Pass Run Option)
  • Creating RPO’s
  • Quick Game
  • 2nd Level and 3rd Level Reads
  • Slot Choice PAP

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