Everyday Champion Wisdom-Epub

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Jerry Lynch
316 pages
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Everyday Champion Wisdom is a treasury of insightful, everyday sacred lessons and letters, reflective readings, and contemplative thoughts rooted in the application of Eastern wisdom as well as a compilation of the wisdom that has been accrued from Jerry’s intimate involvement with over 115 championship teams, his consultancies with 12 Hall of Fame coaches, his daily blogs, his Way of Champions podcasts, the hundreds of JEREmail letters written to teams that reinforced his teaching and set the tone for competitive events, and his many keynote talks at coach and athletic conferences, as well as selected gems of wisdom from several of his published works. In this book, he gathers and combines all this wisdom and makes available to you, the reader, everyday practical, easy-to-implement tools, strategies, exercises, and activities that he has successfully used in his well-known championship cultures for a more unified, caring, connected, and masterful environment.

This book goes beyond the others he has written by creating a fluid, free-flowing everyday approach of learning sacred lessons to help you stay on track of champion wisdom and to apply and implement the lessons immediately, as you live each day, every day as a champion. It is an available, handy, easy-to-use companion guidebook on your quest exploring mastery in every aspect of performance in sports and life.

Everyday Champion Wisdom is not just for those in athletics but for anyone in life interested in the potential of the human spirit. Jerry uses the arena of athletics as a vehicle to explore leadership and masterful performance.

Everyday Champion Wisdom is, in the words of scholar Joseph Campbell, a Hero’s Journey, an up-and-down, gain-and-loss odyssey of self-discovery, as you become dedicated to exploring the unlimited boundaries of your full human capacity in athletics and life.