The Compete-Learn-Honor™ Playbook-Epub

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Peter C. Scales
161 pages
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Author Dr. Peter C. Scales, Coach Pete, is a world-renowned developmental psychologist who is also a USPTA tennis teaching pro and long-time high school tennis coach, as well as a mental game columnist for Racquet Sports Industry Magazine. The Compete-Learn-Honor Playbook supplements Coach Pete’s award-winning book, Mental and Emotional Training for Tennis: Compete-Learn-Honor (Coaches Choice, 2019). That book gives the rationale for everything in the Compete-Learn-Honor approach to coaching and player development, and is essential for understanding why and how the CLH habits work. It’s been praised as a simple, straight-forward, and very practical tool for coaches and players.


The Compete-Learn-Honor Playbook gathers all the HOW you do it into an even more efficient and easily used resource—with more than three dozen new worksheets for players and coaches on topics from game plans to goal setting, effective between-points routines, judo-ing negative words to positive, visualization, focus and concentration, minimizing excuses, and how to embrace pressure.

Although the Playbook has grown mostly out of Coach Pete’s experience as a longtime tennis teaching pro and coach, it is written for pickleball coaches and players, too!

Coaches and players can use the Playbook to easily target improvement and practice around the mental-emotional game, regardless of whether your game is tennis or pickleball, or BOTH! And most of the ideas and worksheets are relevant for coaches and players in ANY sport who want to increase their fun playing, strengthen their mental health as a competitor, and increase their chances of winning more, without focusing on winning.


The activities that hone these mental and emotional skills and habits are boiled down to one to two pages for each of the roughly two dozen Compete-Learn-Honor habits—you can print them or screenshot them to be the home screen of your phone for that day’s practice. Easy!

There are more than three dozen worksheets and activities to do both OFF COURT and ON COURT, to help you strengthen the CLH habits.


You can also go to Coach Pete’s YouTube Channel ( or Compete-Learn-Honor website ( to link to quick one- to two-minute videos he’s created that summarize each of the habits.


Use The Compete-Learn-Honor Playbook with its one- to two-page activity sheets and worksheets, plus the one- to two-minute videos, to get going on strengthening the Compete-Learn-Honor habits. Then go back to the original book to understand the Compete-Learn-Honor approach even more deeply.

The Compete-Learn-Honor Playbook has been reviewed as “a remarkably comprehensive set of best practices for building competitive strength,” a “masterclass in the mental side,” and an “amazing approach” to “becoming your best self on and off the court.” Get yours today. Then play better, feel better, and have more fun!